What We Do

We investigate, conduct assessments and model all components of the water cycle. We have a proven record for successful delivery of mine water-related and infrastructure projects within Australia and internationally, specialising in remote and arid regions

Groundwater Modelling

We use the most advanced commercial modelling software available for numerical modelling analysis, including groundwater flow and transport, and saltwater intrusion evaluation in support of groundwater quality and chemistry, remediation, water supply investigations, mine dewatering and impacts associated with dewatering and abstraction. We have proven track record of delivering finite difference modelling projects using MODFLOW codes and finite element modelling using Feflow.

Besides numerical groundwater modelling we also use a suite of analytical solutions including Aqtesolv, AnAqSim and comprehensive spreadsheet solutions that simulate groundwater flow processes, help predict aquifer conditions, define groundwater complexities and provide Order of Magnitude estimates for your project.

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Water Balance Modelling

The GoldSim modelling platform is a powerful modelling and simulation package that can be applied to a range of diverse situations for informed decision making. We use GoldSim to simulate complex mine water balance objectives and make long-term predictions on water qualities

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Data Management and Analytics

We provide solutions to optimize collation and management of environmental datasets and to support data analytics, visualization and automated reporting in an efficient manner that has a strong focus of quality assurance.

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